Uncle Bob’s Book: Clean Architecture

I’ve re-read this book after 10 Years to challenge my self, how and what I’m doing. This time I read the german edition, which in general I do not recommend when reading it the first time.

First of all I have to say that, after working several years in the IT Industry,  the hard thing about creating Software isn’t the Software itself. 

There are the processes behind it which makes the Projects fails, and there mainly the missing Analysis and Processes. At least with a clean architecture you can compensate that. But, shit in shit out, will be in the most cases the excuse for the Architects if the Software failed. And, most times, they are right.

As a summary I can point out the most important things:

  • SOLID Principals are fundamental, but 80% of developers do not completely understand them.
  • Architecture is about building walls between diffent layers.
  • If you want to build a good architecture, you need to understand deeply how Code gets coupled and how to uncouple it.
  • This Book show you were those walls should be.

Since Uncle Bob is a Storyteller, this Book could be much more light-weighted. But at least, good to read amnd to understand the SOLID Principles. I can not recommend to read through the Part 6, which is about details and everything after it. It’s just timeconsuming and gives you a kind of „Confirmation“ which doesn’t bring you forwad.

Hope this short POST prepared you to read, or not to read the Book. If you check for Uncle Bob’s Youtube video, at least it’s more entertaining and focused. 

Clean Architecture @ Amazon

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